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Hellenika LLC. is a leading company in the region of the Black Sea regarding dry docking services, ship repair and maintenance, and has all necessary facilities (dry dock, quays, cranes and fabrication workshops) for the repair of any type of vessel.

Our services include more:
• onboard ship repair services and at shipyards worldwide by skilled and experienced repair teams such as mechanics, fitters, welders, steel workers, blasters and painters, electricians, carpenters and insulators
• mechanical repairs of ship equipment and systems
• steelwork, welding, piping and electrical services
• cleaning, blasting and painting
• ballast water treatment system installation

Our 25 years of experience in ship repair and docking services and our team of experts, guarantee to provide high-quality services that will keep your ship running safely и effectively.

Hellenika LLC. undertakes work worldwide for its customers, providing 24/7 quality ship repair and maintenance services.



Quays – with a total length of over 450 meters, equipped with two 10t cranes and the following services available - water, electric power, compressed air, CO2, acetylene.
Fabrication Workshops
Our Slipway Dry Dock allows several dock repairs at the same time. The vessels can easily be moved along the docking lanes.
Hellenika Yard possesses fully equipped fabrication workshops. Those include not only a workshop for mechanical repairs and a hull workshop but also piping, electrical, blasting, painting and turbocharger workshops.
Our team of professionals can assist your vessel with all mechanical repairs, engineering, steel and pipe works, painting, carpenter and electrical works during the dry dock.







HELLENIKA LLC. provides qualified and experienced repair teams onboard vessels and shipyards worldwide for various repairs.

Our teams consist of:

  • Engine fitters/technicians;
  • Fitters: pipe, engine and deck fitters;
  • Class certified welders;
  • Steel workers;
  • Blasters and painters;
  • Electricians;
  • Carpenters;
  • Insulators;

All of our employees are certified and experienced professionals.

They hold all the required passports and seaman documents, allowing them to sign on board a ship and sail to the next port.

HELLENIKA LLC. technicians are ready to attend your vessel anywhere around the globe!

Ships repaired by HELLENIKA LLC. never stop!



Quays – with a total length of over 450 meters, equipped with two 10t cranes and following services available - water, electricity, compressed air, CO2, acetylene.


Our workshops are fully equipped to offer our customers the full scope of repair services:


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Our Hull workshop is equipped with all the required machines and tools to execute metal construction works in high quality. We are also equipped for metal construction works, ship repairs, and ship modifications.
We can also perform services for hatch covers maintenance and repair with different types such as Pontoon Type, Lifting Type, Folding Type and Stacking Cover Type for all types and sizes of ships. Thanks to our experienced staff and technology structure, we do the steel repairs, hatch fitting works hypercritical by transferring the hatches to our ground if necessary.


Our pipe workshop has all the necessary machines covering pipe cutting and bending activities as well as other machines used for pipe handling efficiency.


Our mechanical & electrical workshops are fully equipped for all types of mechanical repairs, overhauling and repairs of propeller shafts, rudder systems, pumps, main engines and all types of engines.


Our electrical workshop offers electrical equipment repairs, cable laying, cable wiring, elec’ board’s design and construction
The experienced electrical specialists provide fast,  quality installation and repair services on all types of vessels.


The Shipyard has equipment and an experienced team of workers for all kinds of blasting works, painting, hydro-jetting  and internal tank blasting/coating.


Our turbocharger workshop is equipped with all the needed tools for turbocharger overhauls, which allows us to proceed with the following jobs in the shortest time:
- Rotor disassembly, inspection, cleaning and balancing
- Repair of damaged rotors and nozzle ring with laser cladding
- Re-blading
- Spare parts supply
The work is performed by experienced turbo technicians - on-site or in our turbo workshops. We have a broad experience with different brands of turbochargers for ships and handle all kinds of service and overhaul.

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